Coco Go Nuts


I don’t know Coconut … maybe you should have AVOIDED planning our wedding on the train home from our first – and only – date.

In other dating news – I have been messaging this guy for a couple of weeks and we exchanged telephone numbers last week. We have been texting since. Nothing crazy – just a few messages here and there when I had nothing better to do. Tonight, he asked me to add him on Facebook. I normally wouldn’t before checking them out on the first date but he DID offer.

He seemed quite normal. Okay, he is from Tasmania – but he is over six foot so I think I can overlook that just this once. Plus – he works in the air-force and can spell – which I have come to value as a rare commodity on POF.

But … wait. There is a little person that keeps making an appearance in his pictures. One caption of them both together confirms my suspicions.

“Rock climbing with Dad”

Need to start reading profiles as right now my screening consists of little more than a height (over six foot only!) and picture test. Can’t believe I missed his “yes” to the “do you have children” question. Fail.

Anyway – DE-FRIEND.