The Safety Consultant Guy – “The Date That Got Away”

Woman Crying at Restaurant Table

I have just discovered what is worse than a bad date – a non date.

We agreed to meet up after work for some dinner and drinks. I hadn’t heard from him since New Year’s Day so texted him with a quick “Hey!” message this morning so that we could clarify the time and location. Nothing. Not a squeak. Not even a lame “Sorry – I can’t make tonight”.

On the plus side, I have in all likelihood avoided another DATE FROM HELL – or even worse… I could have been properly stood up and left to cry into my steak by myself while I contemplate banging the sympathetic waiter.

An another positive note: THE KISS-O-METER is now is action (thanks to Sensualnslutty!) – and for the record … The Slovakian Guy was very much a “clammy” – *shudder*.

Now – if you’ll excuse me, it’s 9pm and I still have time to throw on my “fat pants” and eat my feelings.