Deja Vu Much?


I think someone needs some new pick-up material…


8 thoughts on “Deja Vu Much?

  1. I just had to stop by and tell you, since I’m sure you have never heard this before… that you have a hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous smile !! I just love it !!! 😀
    Thanks for sharing girl. This stuff cracks me up. Hope your having a good HUMP day !

  2. I had this one guy who was 60 years old send me the same message – word. for. word. – repeatedly, until I figured out the mail settings and realized I could make it so creepy 60 year old men couldn’t message me. I got “Hi beautiful. Wanna chat?” at least 25 times. Exactly that. Never a change. UGH! Do these guys think that somehow it gets sexier on the fifth or sixth try or something?

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