Hands Off! He’s Mine!



17 thoughts on “Hands Off! He’s Mine!

  1. Damn girl…. you get all the good ones 😀 Love it, and love that you shared with us!! I’m gonna laugh all day at this one. I almost want you to answer him and ask for a picture just to humor me even more 😀

      • That’s what you need a side-kick for… to remind you of these things!! *WAVING HAND IN THE AIR* I’ll be said side-kick 😀
        Maybe a partner in crime is better. I can’t wait to hear what happens.

      • EWWWW… you sooo gotta share. I’m cracking up already. I’m also so pissed because somehow I just lost a whole post that took me like 2 hours to write… dangit

      • I didn’t do it under the dashboard post section, I did it under the new post at the top of the page and for some reason it didn’t save it. I just redid it, didn’t put as much work into it this time.

      • I am laughing my pants off at this scenario. Maybe he just perceives his penis to be tiny because of his few extra pounds? I’m so sorry that I am laughing so hard at your online dating misfortune! Feel free to laugh at mine, anytime! 🙂

      • I suppose the length of time might be relevant – I’ve only been single nine or ten months (I can’t decide whether I ought to count the month in which my ex had revealed to me he’d been cheating on me and then we tried to ‘work it out’ all the while he was still sleeping with the mistress or not). But I just love being single. 🙂 It’s so much fun. And I love dating. Also so much fun. 🙂

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