The Slovakian Guy


So I had my date with the Slovakian Guy last night. I actually had really high hopes for this date. He had seemed totally cool when we had chatted. He was adventurous, had traveled a lot, his profile stated (“stated” being the operative word here) that he had been to college and worked in property (I was to find that this occupation was a landscape gardener – an occupation I thought was somewhat twisting the confines of being  within  the property industry).

He took complete charge of the date – which I really like in a guy – and had decided to pick me up and take us both to Brighton-Le-Sands – a beach about 15 minutes drives outside of Sydney with lots of cafes and bars. Upon realizing my concern that I was somewhat uncomfortable with being picked up by a complete stranger (!), we agreed that we would meet at Darling Harbor in the city.

I was – again – disappointed when I first saw him. He described himself as being 5’10” – so being 5’6″ myself – I was never expecting Goliath – but… yeah… he definitely WAS NOT 5’10”.  You might think I am being quite bitchy and picky about the whole height thing – but the truth is – I like my big guys!

Also – there was a limp issue.

He was a really sweet guy though. We went to a nice Indian restaurant on the harbor and the conversation was good – had a little trouble understanding his Slovakian/Australian accent – but for the most part it was okay. We always had something to talk about which was great.

After the restaurant, we headed to Bungalow 8 – a bar on the harbor front – and chatted for another couple of hours. Following that we finished up by going to a club in the city – where we stayed until 5am.

This club was where the awkward situation occurred. Picture the scene: we are getting along great, absolutely no physical attraction on my part though (ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL ATTRACTION!)  but I am enjoying his company – and he leans in for a kiss. Well actually – he had tried earlier in the night but his kiss had landed haphazardly on my cheek when I unexpectantly turned my head – but this time … I JUST PANICKED! I kissed him back.

It was like making out with a cut cantaloupe. That’s when I knew that no matter how great the conversation ever got between us – The Slovakian Guy and I would never work out.

On a side note – I think “Fishing for … fish!” needs a Kiss-O-Meter widget. Also – The Scarface Guy messaged me asking for another date. I didn’t reply.


14 thoughts on “The Slovakian Guy

  1. Where did the limp problem come in??? What was the kiss rating??? Did I miss that part too?? Loving your blog so far 🙂

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